The chime of the bells still in the air, The chill of the wind cool on my neck...

The chime of the bells

still in the air,

The chill of the wind

cool on my neck,

Minty fresh.

My edge clear

In this new environment.

The sound of the waves a




Like the coming of spring,

The dawning of day...

When there is nothing.

When there is loss,


Death in life.

And still the sea

A sound bath for the soul

Washing and washing and washing


Smoothing my edges

Like stones

Softened over time

And then the chime again ..

Raising me up

Onto the breeze

Like a bird high above

Lifted on the air

The air that whips the seas

White horses

That shakes the geranium heads’

Pink glory

Nodding and bowing

The wind I walked through

To get here

Sits still on my face

Here in this room

This is what I have with me

It contains the chaos inside

Keeps it aloft, private still

The sound of the chimes

Taking me higher

Outside of myself

Into the oneness

Where the wind meets the Sea

And the horses run free

And the geranium heads

Dance and bob and

Glow in their fat pinkness.

I am drawn to their conversation

with the wind

Their dance

to the unseen thing that moves them.

I am moved by unseen things

Things I carry with me

Like baggage,

My case in the hall a

Symbol of this perhaps?

The coolness of my neck

An awareness of where I stop

Or where I meet the air

Touched by the wind

Todays dance master

Dictating the trot of the sea horses

And the curtsying of the fat flower heads

Linked in a beat

The waves the metronome



A heart beat

The low metal chime of  unknown origin

Joining in the wind dance

Adding a layer to the music,

An irregular church bell


Somewhere just outside,

And there it is again.

I realize I am waiting for it

It too is being played by the wind

Sometimes soft

Sometimes not at all

Yet the rolling sea keeps on

Wave after wave

Breath after breath

Till the low chime comes again

To my right

Reminding me

I am still here

Don’t forget me

I am not gone.