What's in a moment? A world, a planet
I'm in that place – how come?
Did I wish on a star or stagger on two feet
Thoughts are all internal but who put them there?
So many questions – must there always be answers
in a rhetorical way, waste of time.
Let's live in this moment as so many others:
Who said 'ergo sum' was a master of the craft.
Was he a poet, was he a planner?
No! Planning a poem often leads to disaster
and never rings true. Let it be – let it happen
let the kaleidoscope lead –
Is the body a suitcase, then what of the eye
which is connected to soul?
Are we born with a soul
which lives on when we die
does that soul meet with others
to pursue after life –
after life unknown 'til then –
dream on imagination –
do we work as before
form alliance and friendship
or do we have sleep full of dreams
dreams of unfulfilled wishes
beginning 'What if...'?
Many of those in a lifetime
but there's no turning back
maybe change of direction –
Who pointed the signpost
where does it lead us
is this a train journey
with very few stations –
Am I losing my reason
This seems almost madness
Thoughts are getting slower
Will the engine then stop
at that terminal station
May we sit down to rest.