It feels good to start with writing down the date of today. It helps me to ground, to arrive. All the impressions of the last days are still whirling around in my inner world. Words like amazing, beautiful, unbelievable, stunning, surprising are popping up like air bubbles from the bottom of the ocean. I feel as if I am still emerged in the countless shades of green lighting up in the sunshine like a precious, richly woven fabric being tailored into a unique and wonderful silk dress wrapping itself in a naturally sensual way around my body and soul.

The air is fresh, the valley enveloped in the smoke of the burning fires in the early morning. It creates a mystical atmosphere separating my world from the world around. It helps me to take some distance, to step back and therefore get the chance to look from a different perspective, not getting drawn so easily into a state of worry or negativity. I have practised this again and again over the last years and feel that I've gotten stronger in standing in my own centre. It became a mantra ringing into my heart and bones.                                                                                                
What comes to my mind are the olive trees. They are alive in me after these days of walking among them, through olive groves, forests, along the ancient pathways guiding me up to the mountain ridge. One can find them everywhere along the hillside of the Tramuntana, having grown over centuries, being the inheritance of forgotten times. They have emerged out of the earth, standing proud and strong like guardians at the threshold to another world, like gods and goddesses radiating their beauty and deep wisdom. Their trunks are formed of liquid earth, in waves and spirals being carried by an inner force, reaching upwards to the light. Even if he is almost dead, his trunk hollowed out through wind, fire and rain, there is still one branch with leaves bringing a sign of hope, a reminder to not give up your dream, not betray your heart or forget what is true. Endlessly, over centuries, he carries the flag for life, letting the few leaves which are left to dance in the wind while his roots reach deep down into the earth, winding themselves around the rocks surrounding him and keeping him connected with his birthplace. Some of them seem to grow out of the stone walls which are holding the earth together, giving shape to the countless terraces built thousands of years ago by the Phoenicians and Arabs in order to cultivate the land. A few are even hanging over the edge of the hillside, an abyss of emptiness opening up beneath them and yet they manage to hold on to the rocks and somehow keep in balance with gravity which seems a mystery to me. They look like skaters in the wind or surfers on top of a wave being frozen in time. Walking among them has awakened a sense of wonder within myself. Many times I simply had to stand still in front of them in a state of admiration. They became sculptures of nature, each one unique, reminding me of the incomprehensible beauty surrounding us.

Moments of change: it can happen in a split second, a shift of perception, an inner choice. As I am walking up the mountain, I don’t know how it will be up there. The only thing which is clear to me is that I want to reach the top. It feels like hard work, I need to collect all my energy and trust that I am on the right track. I still feel your hand in mine, warm and firm. Walking together makes it easier and sharing my fascination is pure joy. I feel light and blessed with love, the view is changing and the colours are shifting from ochre, beige and the green of pines into an indigo blue of the ocean and the sky.

Moments of change are constantly happening, only I am not always aware of it. Sometimes it scares me; then I would like to forget all the memories and all the worries and slip through a secret door into a space of freedom, love and innocence, a sacred space filled with golden light and lightness where one simply is connected with this invisible force of nature, the undercurrent of the life-giving divine power we all are part of. It is just sad that sometimes I forget.

These days in the mountains have done their magic. It is like they have reached out to me and called me back to the source: the roots of the trees have touched my feet, legs and belly; the crisp air has revitalised my lungs; the thousand shades of green have soothed and energised my eyes; the ocean has streamed into my heart and touched the treasure of innocence and the sky has freed my mind.

I am deeply grateful for all the beauty and richness of nature!
And I am deeply grateful for the gift of love unfolding between you and me as we are walking together through space and time, my heart being filled with wonder, tenderness and a deep understanding about the beauty of freedom and connection – or maybe you can call it also commitment to love and authenticity.