Queen of the night, the scent of the dama de noche flowers enchanting the senses, love is in the air. Laughter, Brazilian songs, a starry night.

Maiden with flowers in their hair dancing, turning, glowing, happiness and beauty radiating from their being. All the men surrounding them are full of admiration and desire waiting eagerly for the moment of an invitation to meet them, to dance with them, to be close to them. The attraction between the feminine and the masculine, what a miracle, magic of life.

The wheel is turning, around and around they go, meeting, letting go, meeting, letting go, on and on as long as the music plays. I wish it would never end.

The rhythm takes me, carries me, the rhythm becoming the heartbeat, the pulse which keeps me alive. I am dancing, being taken by the flow of the melody. Now emerges the violin, gentle, light, sweet, taking me up higher, touching my heart. The notes are seducing me to follow, to leave everything behind. There I meet my beloved, in the poetry of words, of nature, two bodies melting, becoming one, intertwined forever, our souls flying in this space of love and timelessness.

Hands holding lovingly and firm with the determination of never letting go, venture out into the world, discovering life, new. Together is different than alone.

The wind is blowing my hair out of my face, the landscape is passing by, being on the road together, a journey which doesn’t have an end in sight, it just keeps going.

That is how this music feels, I can get lost in it, it starts with a lyrical flow of the guitar like a river flowing down the
mountain, pure and fresh. And this is how love feels, the first touch, looking into each others' eyes where one can disappear. There comes a moment when it gets a little bit more daring, joy and excitement  arising in the hearts of the lovers, what a gift of life, the journey can begin. Staying with the beat, the feet steady, the heart singing its song, the music taking them deeper and deeper, they are falling.

Here comes the song of the violin one more time. She is rising like a bird spreading her wings of sound, the blue sky becoming transparent, receiving the song of the lovers. Then the bass is pushing up from the depth and moves forward, carrying them towards the shore, making sure they don’t get lost in the chaos of their ecstasy.

Higher and higher they are rising in their energy, melting together, transforming the two into one, one body, one soul, radiating their love all around them, disappearing into pure bliss, pure life energy, a space where only the pulse of creation exists.