11 april 2020

Today brings blue
long awaited,
the soaring birds can always fly
above the clouds to find the light

I watch them from my desk
binoculars trained
as they fly unfettered
what must they see?

I go outside,
I see pale pink linen
hung to air
pyjamas on the wooden rack
drying in the welcome sun
the wind playing at their edges

I see the stones on my wall
placed at last together
the fat succulents engorged by the recent rain
tiny buds plump with the promise of petals
cacti too big for their pots but growing still

and I see and hear the waves
the never stopping
never ending
never silent waves
I come inside the air just a little cool
the tiles chill underfoot

This is my now
my every day that is not so different from my every day anyway I cling to it, one of so many
isolated in our homes with our things
and our memories that
link us to people we love so far away

That’s why the river sings
and the green parakeets fly
screeching past my terrace
that is why the sea is so loud

To quieten the inner conversations
the silent mourning
the sadness and the fear
to drown out the scream of anxiety that threatens us

The waves splash
their white spray heads breaking above the rocks
‘Hello’ they seem to say in their fresh breeziness,
the same breeze that fills up the pink linens and inflates them sail like on my terrace
everything flutters

A group of low flying birds
catch my attention on the water
I pick up the binoculars
just in time to see a dolphin leap
just once but so joyously
it is hard to tear my eyes away
from the silver paper sea
so I sit and watch
and wait as the birds’ bob and soar high
as the waves splash on the rocks
and tumble on to the beach