march 2020

The world had had enough
Stop she said
as her invisible warriors silently went to work
That’s enough
the sea and the air agreed with her

The birds took on the role of sentinel
viewing the place from above
as the people retreated to their houses and remembered how to be kind
and life became simple
people shared food and clothes with the homeless man
as he walked in socks
pulling his life possessions behind him
damp after the rain

Wait said the earth as the people grew impatient
There is magic happening
It is not time
so the people became still
and a calm passed over the land touching everyone gently

The people who had become spoilt rebelled
and struggled in the slow time
but gradually
like a flower unfurling
they too dropped
heavy into their bodies
and left the flying for the birds

The sea noisily reminded people of her presence
as the waves pounded on the empty beach
Enough she said
joining in with the wind
Enough she said
and the water sparkled
and the fish swam
and the dolphins played in the deep water
as it rained and rained
because the sun too had had enough
leaving us alone with ourselves
to think about all we had done
and not done

So time stretched out before us
and we settled into it
and started noticing the tiny things
things of great beauty all around us all the time
that so many had stopped seeing
in their rush to be somewhere else

And the flowers said Thank you to the rain
their fat spring heads
bobbing gently in the wind
as we waited for the sun to shine.