How would you feel if you were
A zebra, giraffe, gazelle, gorilla, elephant, any animal, in fact
Even the fastest of all, the cheetah
If your world or veld had been taken away?

No walking to the waterhole
No frolicking in the bushes
No running for your life and hiding
No searching for food
No leaping in the air
No flapping of your ears
Or trumpeting as seen fit
No swaying that swanlike neck
Or stretching it to reach the tastiest of leaves
No touching your family

Just imagine you are one of us
Trapped in our own surroundings
How would you fill your day, I wonder

These thoughts amuse me
Relieve the burden of boredom
And as I have seen you all do these things
Each time has given me great joy

And so I linger these days
With past memories of my travel freedom
Makes me appreciate so much more
All the joys I have ever had
And still have to come

So I imagine all you animals
Are still doing
What you love best

And at this moment
I imagine I am one of you