Normally I am a positive person, the eternal optimist and full of gratitude for all that I am, all that I have been and all that I will be. Plus all that I have. But right now, I am angry at the world and almost everyone in it! Why? Because my life has been disrupted from its careful plan of what I decide to do every day: my association with others, travel, fun experiences, and even enjoying the open spaces.

So, what’s gone wrong? A nasty, distasteful, little pest called Coronavirus! Its attack is not just on me personally, but its aggressive lack of gratitude towards us humans, just making enemies, not friends, takes away our personal liberty and freedom. It causes hatred and dread in supermarkets; puts the fear of God in everyone; spreads worry and confusion in the elderly or those whose health is already in jeopardy; puts at risk all those still working in the essential jobs that we all so desperately need.

It is also upsetting the equilibrium of nations, causing panic and recession in the stock market, and distrust in leadership. Disharmony and negative ions abound! We are required to sacrifice our holiday travel as well as shopping for that exotic gift. All events are cancelled, even Church and Easter; eating at your favourite restaurant is out; and we are prevented from hearing Joshua Bell – or whoever your favourite artist is – in person. A melancholy disposition in all and sundry is visible in those hunched backs and furtive eyes making contact but avoiding any sort of touch.

Our senses are at war with ourselves, and the remembrance of past epidemics resounds in our ears: MERS, SARS! The Plague!! What mistakes have been made? We are suddenly alone, not allowed to shake a hand, give a hug, accept a kiss. I miss them all tremendously. I miss the kindness towards our fellowman, the fellowship of togetherness. And who is to blame? Because we must blame someone or someplace, that’s how it’s done in today’s world. Not enough being done, is the international cry, no one is protecting us.

So what’s the solution? Is this nature's way of interference? Or is this divine intervention? What do you want to believe? Is this an excellent opportunity for zero population, for curtailing growth? Is it manmade or watched by guardian angels? Who are the innocent ones in all of this? What sort of example does this set for us humans? Will we be sensible, obey the isolation orders? Does it bring out the worst in us, in our lack of compassion for others in the worldwide community? Should we speak out or fall totally silent in our opinions?

Everywhere is becoming obsessed with this little devil: villages, towns, cities, communities, and countries the world over. Is there anything good to say about this?  Probably not. The only thing I can think of is:

Dear God, Help me again. And bring back my attitude of gratitude.