It is a land far to the north, but you can also get there if you travel to the south, or east or west for that matter. It is a forgotten land; I heard of it a long time ago. It has many names and at the same time no name at all.

Once you get there, a toll has to be paid. That’s what I heard. One can only enter with an empty mind, a loving heart and leaving all preconceptions or judgements behind. Only innocence can open the gate; it is the key you need to enter. The moment I step on this sacred land, I feel the weight of my past falling off. Like a snake shedding her skin, I am letting these layers drop which I had created around me so nothing could touch or hurt me. It is liberating to feel the soft, sweet wind touching and caressing my skin, breathing in all the space and beauty around me. It seems that all the colours are starting to shine brighter, glittering in the light of the day.

Especially the different shades of green entering like a fluorescent radiating current into my body, an umbilical cord connecting me with this immense life force pulsating everywhere around me. Nature is calling out, whispering to me in so many voices. She is like a wild being you are never able to tame, who can transform in any moment into a roaring lioness, or an outburst of golden red lava spilling her passion and fury from the top of the mountain, burying the earth under her fiery glowing lava. Or she might transform into the giant wave of a tsunami, growing higher and higher, building up her power, her white spray like a crown on the very top, riding at such speed she reaches the shore in seconds.

Let’s get back to this special place, this unknown land with many names and no names at all.

There is a secret path appearing in front of  me, I can only go by foot and I have to leave my baggage behind. Because, as I told you, only my innocence can lead the way and I have to keep my senses open. The path is leading through a forest, a magical forest. It is wild and at the same time there is a mystical order. There are ancient trees growing, more than a hundred years old. They are the guardians of this land, standing in a special formation creating sacred spaces. It is like entering a cathedral. A cathedral nature has created for us humans in order to understand what it means to be deeply rooted in oneself and at the same time connected with the universe and the divine.

This land has many treasures to be discovered. There are crystal clear rivers inviting me to follow my flow; there are lakes calling me to dive deep to the bottom of the matter, to listen to the voice of my heart; there is the whisper in the trees in order to teach me about lightness and discovering the secret and vulnerable  places within; there is the blue sky inviting me to spread my wings; there are the mountains I can climb and sing with a full voice the songs of love. And of course there are caves and tunnels and ditches, teaching me about the dark side where I am learning how to transform darkness into light.

I know that this journey goes sometimes up and down, through some thick thorny bushes and even a desert where I cannot still my thirst. And yet I know there will be a place of beauty and harmony, a place to rest and rejuvenate, where it is soothing, lush and the most rare and exotic flowers, plants and trees are growing, a place of love where a spring emerges out of the earth, the water being pure and sparkling in the sunlight touching this innocent place within where magic happens, where I feel taken care of and loved, where trust is rising like a white lotus flower emerging from the depth of the waters to the surface.

This forgotten land you can call paradise, a sanctuary, utopia, a temple, a magical island or just a place inside where one is connected with essence, with being, with being true to oneself.