What is Perspective? Does life have one? Does it alter with time?

As a child one has acceptance, but is overloaded with questions – a learning process perhaps, but the grown-ups' answers are often misleading.

Just before sleep, as a child, was prayer time. I remember being worried by the thought of angels round my bed – I could never see them but imagined them to be silvery white feathery beings who protected me while I was asleep.

'Are they there all night? Do they sleep during the day? Why can I not see them?'

My mother said that children could never see an angel;  that angels looked after my soul.

'Where is my soul? Is it near my heart?'

My mother was not sure, but thought that was possible.

Another prayer said that "...if I die before I wake, I pray The Lord my soul to take".

'Does that mean that God will take my soul to heaven?'

Mother reassured me that souls of good people always went to heaven – like Granny and Grandpa.

'They died, didn't they? My goldfish died and you put it down the toilet – did its soul swim?'

My mother made a funny face when I said this.

'Why? What would happen to the rest of me?'

'Don't worry. The angels will take care of you.'

As I grew older I had never seen an angel, but sometimes I found a feather when I was thinking of a person no longer alive. Was that an angel feather?

Several times when there has been danger, such as during The War when bombs were hitting our neighbourhood, we felt that we had a Guardian Angel, as our family survived.

Again, when I was thrown over a five-bar gate by the horse I was riding, I was unconscious for a slight while but then saw horses' legs around me, remounted and went ahead for another two hours without much effect. Guardian Angel again.

Years later, an oncoming car hit ours. I hit the windscreen and again things went black, but apart from a stiff neck and two black legs, I was unharmed. Again, my Guardian Angel had been at work.

Now that I am older, I never feel alone or lonely. So many aspects of my life have been wonderful. There have been difficult days, of course, but they put things into Perspective.