In the beginning, when the stars fell from the sky
You touched down gently next to me.
At that instant in time
We decided to always remember.

We became preoccupied in the mysteries.
The other stars danced with us
And the music played.
We became lost in the creation.

You had many ideas of how it should be.
They were wondrously enticing.
You shape shifted.
The game of hide and seek began.

Out of the mist of never-ending thought
You wove your magic spaces.
By occasional Chance
I would meet you in disguise.

Those were the most blissful moments
Full of restricted longing,
Metered time.
Loving against the clock!

Millennia passed as the game complicated
Yet you remained you,
Hidden, undefined.
I searched constantly.

In the time/space between us, ecstasy was created.
That undeniable eternal pull!
The commandment.
The will to union, to merge.

And now, unending time has come full circle.
Stars are rising into the sky.
The game of the Gods,
Brings us back to the beginning.

We have found each other, returned to that first contact.
In the last moves
Of the final Game,
The ancient contract is being completed.

In searching for you and finding you at last,
I also seek who created you.
Light and darkness,
Eternally entrancing, always mysterious.