At risk of self-indulgent repetition

I’m back on the balcony again

But I don’t mind taking a risk,

Breathing it all in’s a risky business

These days. Let me lean

Luxuriously like a kindly giant

On the warm metal rail

And point out what else

But the sea to you,

Nearly as smooth

As a looking glass from which

The sun can’t drag itself away,

Distorted like a Dali watch,

Clear as daylight on the submerged rocks,

They dream below like ancient kingdoms,

Drowned and mystical.

No waves today, just languid  kisses

From the water’s lips: I wonder

How the shore feels to be kissed

Repeatedly like that and then conclude

That, with the movement

Of each ebb and flow for centuries,

It would slowly wear you down;

From rocks to pebbles

You would go, but wouldn’t mind,

You’d think:

This is a very pleasant way

To pass the time.