Time flies when all eternity is in a moment
I look into your eyes
And I want to remain lost in this pause
Nothing exists outside of this precious event.

But my mind overpowers me
And brings me back to the past and the future
A million duties press in upon me
But all I want is to remain here with my arms around you.

I look at pictures of you and wish you were here
I despise desks and calendars,
Diaries that mean you won’t be with me until some number
My perfect world can disappear so quickly.

The diamond in the ring
Is so much more precious than the band that holds it,
Yet real life seems designed to emphasize
The context and not the focus,

I manage the boiling sea of recklessness
With the need to maintain the nest that you snuggle down into.
What do I care for duties?
Nothing! for they keep me from you.

Yet a good man cares
For a precious diamond needs a setting
Or it will be jostled from its place and lost.
Don’t miss the torment between duty and desire in my heart!

Promise me my love,
That you and I will never let the duties of Life,
Become the death of love,
For the pain of such a loss would destroy my soul.