I felt as though I had crossed an interminable ocean,
I looked back on my journey,
A journey not yet understood.

A journey that began with the emergence of my life into this plane,
Of strange longings,
Of hidden unanswerable questions.

I saw the adventurous years of early carefree summer days,
The sound of the chuckling brook,
And the clear views from the hilltops,

Yet all too soon youth gave way to the demands of adulthood,
Desired by all the youth,
Yet containing the sting of reality.

I had reached a place of acceptance of the normality of life,
Of the daily sameness of things,
Of the waking to ordinary days.

The greyness of it all, relieved, as it should be, spent with HIM,
The panacea of daily contact,
Contact with the divine.

Yet still the ancient dream remained, unanswered, calling me still,
Where is my twin soul?
Is there heaven on Earth?

No point in searching, reality intrudes, destroys the dream,
It is an illusion,
It is only fantasy!

Hope dwindles and the connection with the Divine becomes reality,
A rock in the sands of time,
A lee shore in the storm.

But the universe broods and the higher self has other plans,
Nothing is impossible,
All things are created out of the void.

Time planted the seeds. Time and the universal womb incubated them.
She is waiting, uncertain of where to go, longing for the connection,
The void holds her, She, by her nature pulls it towards her.

The seed bursts up out of the web of life, the connecting electronic web.
Two souls destined to meet,
Log on.

At the speed of light, the ancient bonds are revealed, yearnings explode.
Beings of light,
Pulled together by the storm of Maya.

The world preaches caution, due consideration, sensible calculations.
The soul knows the truth,
The Karmic Commitment.

Whilst the world sleeps in its slow round of deliberation, time collapses.
True love, the dream,
Is grasped by twin souls.

The dawn of two lives becoming one rises over the horizon of reality.
Only those who know,
Are permitted to enter.

How can the Lover describe the joy of the presence of the Beloved.
Her eyes become the light of the world.
Her laugh the sound of creation.

Her voice must be heard at the beginning of the day or it has not begun.
She must be touched,
To ensure she is real.

How can those who have not been granted the longing of passion,
Know the pain of separation?
The need to be one?

The simplicity of Life dawns on the Lovers, a Shakespearean secret
Is revealed,
Why Romeo didst thou Die?

Because to live without the Beloved is not life! Life is the Beloved,
There is nothing else,
She is everything.