That morning I was resting by the wall

And gazing out, I saw a family of cats  

Stalk pigeons, bodies crouched and serious,

As silent as approaching sleep, hungry

In these months when restaurants

Are closed. I wondered if they ever made a kill,

But there they were, all sleek with feral life,

Four slinks of black and grey and white and tortoise shell.

I looked away and they were gone

From this deserted strand where tired out

Waves roll up and then crash down

Exhausted, on the rocky beach and

Then just vanish like the sea-dreams

Of their dreaming, mysterious and deep,

My dreams too. I heard a solitary sound,

A prowling taxi, suavely purring as it came along.

And you

Were sitting in the back as if asleep;

I wondered then if you, like me,

Were dreaming as you passed,

Before you disappeared

From view.