I am alpha and omega
I usher life in
and I wash it out
I am the start of all species
little wriggly things
with frail flapping gills
I am a tsunami when I
break and start the ebb
and flow contractions
no damming me now or stemming
my implacable
fierce midwifery
I wash away the blood and sin
baptise, celebrate
welcome in the new
I cleanse the corpse in readiness
for its last crossing
the Stygian stream
I am many contradictions,
My unguarded touch
can both scald or freeze
Too little of me will kill you
too much does the same,
Just enough is best
I am coldly solid, flowing
with strength and no form,
vaporous and moist
I defy description, my state
is inconstant flux
Catch me if you can.
I am a restless cemetery
of souls lost at sea
or launched in a blaze
towards the disappearing sun
I can defeat fire
I can drown earth