Peace, silence, not a chance!
The world is all around

cannot be muffled
no matter how one pulls

that duvet over ears
world noise shatters us

Pause for thought –
take a deep breath

then write whatever comes
to mind – Why am I here?

is there a purpose in my being?
To light my way

a torch, a candle, a taper
held by someone else

having strength and wisdom
better by far than mine

Brr Brrinng  a phone
reverie interrupted

always so when I
have almost glimpsed

that rose-filled path
ahead to beckon me

towards that final rest
of inevitability

not yet, not yet for
I may only dream

Time that old rascal
forever plays its tricks

To underline
there is some way to go.

The tutor's patience
with much counselling

so often there
impatience from others

and ourselves is often there
to trip us up.

Back to revisit
mind and soul.