What is falling in love like for you,
do you in fact remember?
Can you?
The agony and the ecstasy,
And why did you do it anyway?

Under every expectation is a demand
So what were you demanding
And what were you expecting?
To find yourself
In that Never Never Land
Of whimsical thought,
Befuddled brain like cotton wool
And a spring in your step
While your muscles feel like spaghetti
Though your energy is boundless
Your reflexes highly tuned
And your belief in it all is endless

Are you a little crazy to lose your heart
Especially to “that one"?

Your ideas have intensified
Your laughter is louder than ever
You sing in the shower
Smile at everyone
Believe you can move mountains for this special one

The joy of being together knows no bounds
All is so positive and nothing beyond reach
The touch, the looking in each other's eyes
The silly jokes you share
All make it seem worthwhile
And your reasoning
Is all turned about

You see beauty in everything
However small
And you are charged with finding excuses
However lame
For any failing, in them or yourself

You experience the dizzying heights of delight
And sheer magnitude of another
Life takes on a magical theme
Dreams and fantasies carry you forward

Your heart gets bigger and bigger
Beats faster and faster
Your ears hear music like never before
Enjoy every moment
Because, who knows?

What is the attraction anyway?
Who or what they are?
How do you determine all this anyway?
How is it that you are the expert on this subject?
Because no amount of friendly discussion
Ever gets real results

So, how do I feel?
Selfless, euphoric, joyful
And full of good intentions
A sense of power and butterflies at the same time
And younger every day

Have I lost my heart?

I’m told that love needs to be unconditional
With no exceptions
So will this nonsense end
Or last forever

So how long has this love lasted?
And how old are you now. . .