To think that it would be possible to be invisible –
to be anyone, anywhere, even at any time –
seems so convenient.

The imagination can flow much faster than my
general mood of responsibilities, though I have heard
that ageing in life comes with a certain invisibility
of itself by rejection of some aspects of youth!

When looking at faith, it’s all about invisibility!
Who has ever seen God, Allah, Buddha or whoever?
This reminds me of being in a Chinese temple
in Chongqing with my 22 year-old friend Lewis,
who typically, as a Chinese, has no belief system,
and my remarking “You have no belief,
where will you go when you die?"
His answer, “I’ll email you!”

So despite his physical disappearance he believes
he will still be able to communicate with me.

Asking my students "the meaning of life"
always brings diverse answers, and I am still
struggling myself with that, although at times
I think I’ve "got it all sorted out".

I love the excitement of wonder!
How does that sun rise in all its glory?
How was that bridge built?
And those digits on the gorilla's hands and feet
that look like mine,
how and Who chose that design?

The animal kingdom is a great wonder
and I have taken stock of myself
and my human race in all its
achievements and failures
when suddenly faced with a herd
of elephants in Botswana
walking – not charging –
towards my lonely little tent
and the realization that I could literally
be stamped out in a moment,
which brought all my senses to life
exalting in sheer survival.

As a Pisces I love the water.
The possibility of swimming with sharks
or dolphins as one of them and not
as my real self has a kind of special appeal,
a sort of disappearing act,
to avoid all that I have to do in my real life,
take on another being's persona, be able
to live a life of sheer pretense.
In fact I am in awe just imagining it,
with no regard for what anyone
might think of my crazy idea.

Shall I just sacrifice all my favorite pastimes
and make it all up, as I do in my everyday life,
according to the circumstances and life-giving
energies that sometimes please and sometimes
plague me?

Shall I go back to my own set of rules and belief
in human nature and continue with my own
God-given gift of positive thought, the good
of the world, enjoying the fruits of my labor
and faith in the unseen?

What is this "meaning of life" we so often speak of?
Sometimes joy, sometimes despair, often with no
understanding except self belief.
We share, we argue, we disagree,
cajole, persuade and influence.
But who are we fooling?

Do any of us know what this life is all about,
and do we really care?
In one of my favorite poems,                                                                                                  "We Are Many", Pablo Neruda says,
"I would like to ring a bell
and summon the real me
because if I need myself
I should not be disappearing."

Or shall I follow my personal pursuit
of learning, listening, travelling and being
a part of this complex and complicated world
that I don’t always understand,
occasionally don’t even believe
and allow myself to practice this life
with all its fancies and foibles?
And stop talking nonsense
about wanting to disappear!