By Sandy Chmilowski

This tale is about Nathan.  He was not tall, perhaps about 5 feet 2 inches.  His face wore the expression of success.  Yes, he was a successful countryman, despised by all. He wore warm clothes in winter and refused to care if the surrounding peasants had difficulty in surviving the harsh, freezing winters, with no proper clothes or little food.  He was always warm with a cold heart.  Nathan had a high school education, which was exceptional during that feudal time in the Austria Galicia Empire.  The Habsburg Empire.  This was the era before the great wars took place after which this empire became divided into countries. Today the place where Nathan thrived in a small town in a country today known as Ukraine, on the border of Poland.

He was a landowner and a cacique. He did not work in the fields, the fields worked for him. His property extended as far as the eye could see from this town called Malkowice.  He exploited people by renting out his fields. If the leaseholders had a poor harvest, due to the weather, Nathan would not hesitate to demand rental repayment with an interest.  At those times Nathan would ruthlessly hike the interest rate the following year. He demanded repayment in several ways and sometimes he forced compensation through the flesh of their wives.  The poor had no alternative.  He was despised even though those men would bow to him as he passed their way.

Nathan must have been about 30 or 35.  Already his wife had borne several children while he was spreading his seed around the countryside.

At that time, the Roman Catholic Church had a stronghold on the people in this region.  Contraceptives were forbidden, they were sinful.  So, his wife finally gave birth to 6 children in her lifetime, one every two years.

One spring day he was driving his horse pulled white canvas covered wagon on a dirt road.  The countryside was turning from earth brown to green in preparation for the years’ harvest.  Then he came upon his sister, Sophia.  She was younger than him, but her haggard face showed that her life had been extremely hard.  She appeared much older than her age, with deep wrinkles that seemed more like deep scars.  She was walking from the opposite direction on this dirt road when she saw her brother.  She was wearing a long black dress where the hem met the dirt ground.  In spite of the black bandana she was wearing, one could already detect premature streaks of grey in her hair. Perhaps she was in black to mourn her husband.  She never smiled, even when she cuddled her young son at home, who she dearly loved, she did not smile.  Her darling son was ill. Without any money, she could not afford to pay a doctor and asked, begged her brother for help.

His self importance, greed, and stinginess were too strong and refused.

At that moment, bitterness and hate possessed Sophia and spilled out of Sophia.  She opened her mouth and with her breath used her tongue as an arrow and blew letters that formed into words, words that formed into phrases which whirled around her brother from bottom to top, from north to south weaving through east and west. Her resentful energy was invisible and spun through many layers into the universe where time is non-existent. Her spell was cast.  The curse she set upon him would affect all future females in his bloodline. Those females would always have relationship problems and struggle financially.

Nathan was totally oblivious of what was being done.  He was totally unaware of how far and harmful his selfishness, arrogance, greed had gone.

A century later it is not known if Sophia’s son survived.  But it is known that the curse harmed the women in Nathan’s blood lineage. Yes, all females in that clan suffered relationships with their partners and had financial difficulties.  However, all males in that clan were highly educated and financially successful.

Although many decades had passed, Sophie was lurking in the spirit world, watching.  She was determined that the curse should survive.

Hence, 2 generations down, Sophie discreetly blindfolded a young female member of this blood lineage that we shall call E and softly whispered into her right ear. There were two roads to take, light and darkness and Sophie encouraged and directed E’s mind towards the road of darkness so as to perpetuate the curse and would and allow E to gain power over the others.

E worked hard at destroying the family clan. One of E’s sisters became very rich but soon was devastated to discover that her husband had emptied her entire bank account and left her in poverty.  He died soon afterward.  The other sister was also very well off, but her husband was avaricious and following an ugly divorce she was left struggling financially, etc, etc.

Darkness doesn’t exist forever and curses generally endure 5 generations.

That curse enveloped each and every female that it was meant for.  Until, a young woman in the 3rd generation was awakened. Not one but many angels joined forces and worked with her during her dreams, as she was floating in the spirit world. When the time was ripe and she was prepared, the angels protected her with their large white wings and whispered into Clara’s left ear.  They gave her the secret to break the spell and liberate the clan’s females from the century-old chains.

And that is what happened!  Goodbye Sophie.  Go to the light.  Goodbye forever!