I have never taken the time to express how I feel
about this colour before, but what a joy to do so now,
as I have so many thoughts, memories, experiences
and everlasting reflections – both positive and negative.

I can feel its texture under my feet as a small child
running through our orchard. The trees and bushes
I love the most are versions of it in emerald, lime,
thyme and rosemary, not just colours, but smells, flavours,
my favorite gemstone, though not my birthstone, and the
sun shining through those trees illuminating my colour.

On a more practical side my school uniform,
and even our P.E. clothes were this colour.
In winter a pinafore with a white shirt and my colour tie.
In summer a dress of stripes in my colour and although
not glamorous, worn with pride for all those years.

Having a choice for my first ball gown, I chose my colour,
and Mrs. Lindsay, the dressmaker, did a beautiful job for this
momentous occasion, even making elbow length gloves to match.

Even my favorite fruits and vegetables are this colour,
and they not only look good and taste good, but do me good.

This colour always makes me feel positive and glad
that I can see such beauty in my surroundings,
and has given me great joy throughout my life.

I am drawn to it in the Shanghai Museum's collection
of the ancient art of porcelain from the Tang Dynasty;
a silk scarf woven from the threads of the lotus
blossom stem in Laos; a huge carat of colour in a
jewellery store in Gra, India; the Norfolk pine and fir
lining the I-5 highway from the USA to Canada.

I love the fact that this colour is the universal traffic light
that says "Go"; and one can always recognize the herbs
that accompany that tantalizing roast lamb laced with vinegar.
This colour is the famous tea in China and Japan
that is so healthy for you, yet to say someone
looks this colour implies they are far from it!

It’s the colour of spring and summer; the start of new leaves
after the dreary dead dark colour of winter. It so brightens
every day as new life is brought to nature. How does that
perennial bloom happen!? Does this colour have more
shades than other colours? I don’t know, but what I do know
is that I appreciate every shade and hue and to be told
this colour doesn’t suit you is sheer nonsense!

Travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway for several days,
I watched with glee as the vast forest of my colour
changed shapes and sizes. I really want to learn to paint
so that I can incorporate all its shades to make a masterpiece.
One of my favorite tunes is "Umm Sleeves”.

I once won an international cosmetics prize using this colour,
but how one decides what shade to paint one’s sitting room
is beyond me. I have seen lakes and oceans, seahorses
and mermaids this colour, but examining a cadaver of this shade
would only welcome sadness. The British racing colour!
Even the moon is said to be made of umm cheese.

I have seen it in hair, ice cream and even shoes.
I imagine the tarnished patina of metal only needs a
brightening to relieve the stress of this colour and even
the cassocks of the tiny choir in the small town of Kampot,
Cambodia choose my colour. This colour always brings me joy.
When I return to my home, I think I will paint my front door this colour.

Although my wardrobe consists of various colours,
when travelling I wear darker colours to remain unobtrusive.
I think it’s about time to buy a new outfit, or at least put it in
my will that my last outfit must be this colour.

But who would choose it? What shade? Who cares? This colour
has no sadness in my mind, because I don’t like being sad.

And besides, where I am going I‘ll be able to wear it every day!