Mordant = the fix of salt or vinegar for a dye

Sitting at my window looking out
I cannot even see the horizon
Does this mean I cannot or mustn’t see any future?
Who can tell me?
Nothing stirs on the ocean
Is my life standing still?

I have always known myself
Or thought I had

Not even a ripple, not even a wave
I’ve been forgotten over the years
Not even a lasting impact
Let alone a fantastic achievement

I hate snow, some say it’s pretty
But to me it’s brutal
I hate its ferocious attack on my sensitive skin
Itching, burning and bleeding

The joy of the hot, moist humid air
On landing in Hong Kong
I’ve been saved by warmth
And the scars of the cold finally fade away

Later, being trapped outside
I learnt that lighting the key
Will unstick the lock
Of an icy car

So to look at snow
From the cosy comfort
Of a roaring fire
With the warming luxury

Of a home made chocolate
Or brandy
Gently praying my numb fingers
Will once more come alive and moving

Is my kind of heaven

This is the favourite day
Of the Rose-giving
I love roses
Those velvet petals
And delicate colours

And oh the fragrance
Some so heady to last as long
As one's perfume does
On a gala evening

I can still hear the music
In the Bayside nightclub
Where we used to go
All of the romance it contained
Even though that was over 50 years ago

Tasting an oyster, avocado or lobster
For the very first time
The many firsts of foods

Oh those past years
Dining in nights, Governor’s balls
Long evening dresses and elbow length gloves
Chanel No 5 or L’air du Temps

Always an escort, never alone
7 course dinners, not home 'til a.m.

Then having my own home, entertaining friends
Experiments in the kitchen, learning new things
Working to build a safe future
Saving and sacrifice

Sharing time with someone
You can’t take your eyes off of
Hoping it’s reciprocal
Meeting old friends
And telling lies
That they haven’t
Changed a bit!

That delicious wine
You can’t remember the name of
Or where
That special restaurant really was

A lifetime of wanderlust, of travel
To where and why, natural curiosity?
A passion for the unusual
Even if it is on my own with
No one to share it with

And now I am almost a nomad
And all this
Is just something to remember
Or relive in my brain

Do I want everything to be back
Where it was,
was it more fun then?
Or just my imagination
In my old age

I must keep challenging myself
Or forget who I am
Keeping in contact with all those dear people I have met
Is a must

And though you have been gone for a long time
I still miss you

Now the sun is shining
There are diamonds on the ocean
And the horizon is in sight
I still have a future after all!