How can the need for you be described?/ How can the space between our hearts be measured?


How can the need for you be described?
How can the space between our hearts be measured?
How can the unnoticed passage of time be understood when we are together?
How can the ecstasy of holding you close, be put into words when only the body understands!

Perhaps, it is like the raindrop feels when having been separated from a cloud,
It touches another drop and instantly becomes one greater drop.
Perhaps it is like the feeling of pure delight, when lying back in the tall verdant grass of some pasture,
I look up at the feathered clouds that hang languorously in the air on a summer’s day.

It can be like the tug of a howling gale, pulling at a racing kite, dipping and curling in a current of need
It can be like the fullness of a raging torrent of water,
In full flood, unstoppable, broking no argument, only compliance!
The carcass of an old oak tree is easily loosed and swept away!

Or it is like the fire ignited with one spark in a tinder dry landscape,
The flames leap and the grass snaps and cracks,
Flames leap skyward toward the heavens, consuming, racing faster and faster, - resistance is futile!
It is abandonment to the full flow of consuming love that takes the breath away!

And perhaps it is what the redwood tree feels,
Its roots stretching down intimately deep into the soil.
Such close contact, such an embrace of centuries, such consistent and magnificent permanence!
Such a love tryst that will never end even when the giant tree is no different from the soil again

Yet none of these descriptions say what I long to say to you,
I want to feel your being merge into mine,
As we approach each other and touch,
I long to feel the very cells of your body, becoming one with the cells of my own!
There should be no boundaries, no limits, no secrets between us.

There will only be us, entwined into eternity,
Closer than Close, psychically connected and wedded together,
Moon and Sun, Earth and Sky, Night and Day, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

As the Japanese Tea Ceremony celebrates each precise movement
In the tea making ritual,
Giving it meaning and beauty,
So will our lives be celebrated in the classic ritual of daily living, together at last!