Ours is a journey, we’re pilgrims,

explorers, we follow old pathways

that lead on to new ones,

ours is a journey, a journey

And ours is an advent and

point of departure, a place

of warm shelter, a valley,

a woodland,

an orchard, a river,

a house on the way;

a table of friendship,

a chime of wine glasses,

a heartwarming hearth.

And here’s where we gather

like a choir in a chancel,

to offer our vespers,

our songs of the evening,

with words of our making

the music of  growing

and honestly singing

of pain in the shadows,

invoking the light.

Our candles burn brightly  

with radiance glowing,

our prayers sound like laughter:

God tickles our souls.

And ours is a journey,

a coming and going,

each exit an entrance,

ours is a journey, a journey