Blues today. Light blue
Dark blue, squares and rectangles
Scattered blues with fish
and boats.
Helen wearing startling bright
blue cardigan
This morning’s meditation on the
Clear Blue Sky
And the sea always twinkling
beside us here

The Peloponnese
That’s Greece. I thought so.
A picture on my bedroom wall
left by the previous tenants
Depicts a white and blue village scene
Cubes and domes
I think it’s Greece
I wake to it each morning
I could not take it down
With all the other small reminders
of other people in my space.
It is mine now

So blue. So white. So sunny.
Blues are more real here
by the Mediterranean
Deeper, full of space and light

There’s Royal blue, Sky blue
Navy blue, ultramarine,
lavender, sapphire, indigo
cornflower, aquamarine
Someone should make a rap song
of blues

But I just swim in it
Breathe it
Bask in it
Total immersion

Take a tour of all the hues
Sinking from the palest shade
to the deepest, darkest almost-black
Enjoy the “frisson” of each subtle
Change, the mood
Of turquoise-translucent rock pools
Teal-the darkening stormy sea
Midnight blue- the colour of the soft moonless dark

“I’m feeling blue”, “She sings the Blues”
“Blue Mondays”,
This is the myth. But blue
is not a sad colour, not in this country
bathed in warm clear light
Blue is not heartache, tears or suffering
so traditionally portrayed
Just the opposite

The sky, the sea
Places of space and possibilities
Expansion, openness.
So wrap this blue around you
like a warm baby’s quilt
and feel nurtured by our
Precious Blue Planet.