Thank you for coming to see me off
Thank you, on this one final occasion
For putting together all the different bits of me
Which you have variously known
As my body and being begin to dissolve
Back into the Universe.
You will each have known a different Pat, or Mum, or Grandma
And I ask you to share what you knew
With each other, just for today
I will enjoy that
It is not often I have been
The centre of such attention!
Know that I have tried my best
To love and appreciate you all
Forgive me for my shortcomings, as I forgive you yours.
If you want to weep, weep
That’s OK
Or if you want to be angry,
Get drunk, sing and dance
I’d like that too.
I don’t mind you remembering
The difficulties you may have had with me
Being dead doesn’t make me perfect all of a sudden
But I hope you can also recall some redeeming features
I wasn’t all that bad.
Above all I’d like you to honour my passing
By living in kindness to one another
And appreciate what time you have left
On this beautiful earth.