Look to the furthest star
To reach it, one must travel
Infinite numbers of light years.

Imagine the time
How long it will take to reach there
The excitement, the commitment and the wonder?

And what sights to be seen
On the way of the pilgrim
The vastness of eternity and the reward.

So it is with our journey
It is a journey of excitement and mystery
I am welded into our space capsule with you!

It is a journey without parallel
An adrenaline charged emotionally filled journey
As we travel, I discover more of you and myself each day.

I want to go further
And deeper with you
More than anyone has ever gone or ever will ever go.

Do you not feel
Both love and fear together
On this journey that can take us away from ourselves.

Life without you?
By definition, living will not be possible without you.
Daily I dive deeper into you soul, leaving more of me behind