A bit lop sidedly I’ll try to sort out

what’s been a somewhat

biased collection

of deviations from

the Norman way doing things:

You know, impregnable

fortifications and really

big cathedrals full of higher arches that

made statements to

the toiling peasants like,

We’re here to stay and

Nobody fucks with us-

but in Norman French,

making everyone think

fuedal thoughts; one in thrall

to the next one  up:

a hierarchy of mental

concerns growing in

complexity ,

climbing  like

Jack and the beanstalk.

I’d love to know exactly

what Jack and the beans

talked about-

other beans, maybe

the weather, why not?

Perhaps they talked about

rogue beans and asked

are beans impeachable? And, if so,

what about peaches?

For peaches and oranges and apricots

and bananas and yes, beans and

most things that grow

can go bad.