Here’s to those who’ve gone before:
popes and poets, grandees and kitchen maids,
bricklayers, hunters, gatherers, newspaper editors,
obituary columnists (perhaps ironically),
great groovy gutsy women belting it
out on stage and in the bath;
Aretha, I’ve said a little prayer
but still you’re gone.

Here’s to more heroes:
dear Oscar dear boy;
Connolly you red rebel romantic,
big hearted, great moustache too;
Mr Eliot, did you ever eat that peach?
awe go on.
Relax down stream John
in those fields, forever.
Rosa Parks, next stop freedom.
And Nelson, end of that road.

Here’s to the people who’ve loved
and lost and won some again
without going public about it,
ordinary women and men
who’ve touched this earth
gently and left their mark,
all souls, all souls that glow.

And here’s to me:
some day I hope I’ll be
in their good company.