Looking round I see beautiful objects. Plants with brightly coloured flowers. The structure of the leaves on different plants. The plant containers are also interesting – some old, some new, different shapes and sizes. The eye may wander with the thoughts to teacups, again with different textures, shapes and sizes. An artist has designed all these patterns – such a gift to share with others.

This teacup is Royal Crown Derby with matching saucer. So beautiful – not like present day plastic. Some years ago I read a poem which began,

"It's time something drastic

was done about plastic."

This was written about 40 years ago. It has taken an age and many tragedies uncovered for governments to realise that plastic is not for this world. It cannot be destroyed. It is a destroyer of people, fish, birds, animals, land and ocean. The solution has been too long in coming. This is one of the world's tragedies.